Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Sketches

I find some free time during the holiday. So I came out with some sketches inspired bt Chrismas and new Starwars

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving with watercolor

I have an watercolor pad with 3 pages left. So this is what I did during Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Inktober 2015

For Inktober 2015, I did a tribute with 31 drawings in ink formy favorite game - Starcraft. Looking forward for the final part Legacy of the Void.

#1 High Templar

 #2 Reaver

 #3 Zealot

 #4 Immortal

 #5 Dark Temlar

#6 Colossus

 #7 Archon

 #8 Fire Bat

 #9 Medic

 #10 Ghost

 #11,12,13 Battle Cruiser

 #14 New Pilot for Goliath

 #15 Terran Adjutant

 #16 Viking

 #17 Zergling

 #18 Hydralisk

 #19 Overlord

 #20 Mutalisk & Viper

 #21 Brood Lord

 #22 Queen

 #23 Drone

 #24 Marine

 #25 Starcraft Movie

 #26 SCV's dream

 #27 Universe Cup

 #28 Old friends

 #29 Nova on duty

 #30 In a alternative Universe

 #31 Nostalgia

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Artist need help

Hi friends. As you lnoe, I'm international student study in San Francisco, US, love doing art, especially game art. I wish I could follow my career in future. I know that with passion, we can work everywhere but there're so many things I want to learn here to become a good game developer. Please help support me on this competition for it might help my case in the future to stay and work in US.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a vote button smile emoticon
Thank you, thank you very much heart emoticon ‪#‎CGSA15‬

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Random sketches

Dig up my sketch book in the past few years. I decide to post some. It's good going back and tsee the progress that we made and surprised by fun ideas that we had.

Michael line work

Steam machine

 Big bad wolf armor set sketches (for Axe - DOTA)

 The bishop sketch

 Heaven city

Fist game play idea for Papyrus
Rafael line-work

Illustration idea

This is for a illustration class. The theme is "Beauty and the Beast". I choose Fizz and Nami as characters. Pretty happy with the drawing but I will not go further.