Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A sketch a day

I'm joining "a sketch every day" campaign with team in my work place. So this is day one. How long could I sustain this ? Demon hunter Diablo 3

Day 2. Witch doctor

Day 3. Sorceress

Day 4. Comic time

 Day 5. Pillow Party

Day 6, Warrior

Day 7. Warrior

 Day 8. Warrior

Day 9. Color Diablo Within for KKG

Day 10. Diablo Within part 2 sketch

Day 11. Color  Diablo Within part 2 for KKG

Day 12. Final piece for KKG

Day 13. Altered beast the Movie for KKG

Day 14. Brent Samurai

 Day 15. Anessa Elf

 Day 16. Moby-wan Kenobi

 Day 17. Gabe Matador

 Day 18. Sword girl

Day 19. Apocalypse Monster

Day 20. Old work re-touch

Day 21. Chibi Rengar

Day 22. Random weapons

Day 23. Beauty and the beast

Day 24. Random steam punk kids

Day 25. Starbuck sketches

Day 26. 7 heads dragon

Day 27. Warrior
 Day 28.Warrior

Day 29. Wedding

Day 30. Rita Repulsa

 Day 31. My feeling in Riot. Yeahh. finally done

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